If done right, energy sharing can be a win-win

What’s the issue with the undersea cable for clean energy on other islands feeding Oahu? The last two articles that I have read about the renewable energy feeding the Oahu have legit concerns regarding keeping Maui’s beauty.

Realistically, progress will win.

I have studied renewable energy with regards to photovoltaic and wind turbines. It is a great source of energy with very little waste. I can see the issue of building the energy on Maui and sending the power to Oahu. However, if an agreement is made between Oahu and the other islands to get some of the energy distributed to them as well then I see no harm with this issue.

More importantly, an agreement must be made between Oahu and the other counties to distribute the energy in time of natural disaster. If it is done this way, then it will be a win-win on all sides.

Let’s hope our leaders are thinking this through clearly before allowing Oahu to place its renewable energy on our county.

By the way, I didn’t see any articles when Maui was connecting to Oahu for fiber optics. Let’s keep Maui beautiful and build a smarter clean energy source for all.

SeaRay Beltran