Judge had it all wrong about cannabis cookies

In reference to a Jan. 15 news article where a judge admonished a woman caught selling cannabis cookies at Makena State Park, saying it was not a “recipe for success”: As a reader of the Wall Street Journal and many other publications, I can soundly advise the judge could not be more incorrect.

According to CNN, WSJ and numerous other news organizations, Colorado shops are unable to keep edible cannabis treats in stock, wild positive financial speculations are taking place, and no one died from an overdose yet.

It might be time to elect judges here like they do in other parts of the country.

Not only has Uncle Sam bald-face lied about George Washington’s crop for decades, but it has been a legitimate medication for centuries.

And it makes a nice day, for adults, enjoyable – not dangerous, even if you’re not sick or dying.

Donald “Federal Reserve” Brown