Launiupoko sellers smiling all the way to bank

What is eminent domain? It is a group of people (federal, state or county) that has the power to take another person’s land for the county, etc., even if the owner doesn’t want to sell it at a fair market value.

One hundred and eighty-six acres at Launiupoko were sold to the county for $13 million. There were a few other appraisals for the 186 acres – one was $9 million and the other one was $6.6 million. Why couldn’t they use $8 million or $7 million? They could have used eminent domain.

What if the people wanted $20 million for the land? I wondered if the County Council or whoever voted would say yes.

The land is a priceless investment.

I can visualize the people who sold the lot (186 acres) to the county. They are all smiling going to the bank to deposit their checks – $13 million.

Teitsu Shirota Jr.