Legislation would benefit all the people of Maui

Way to go, Elle Cochran. The people of Maui can be united with the residents of Kauai and the Big Island in their desire to know what is in our food, on our land and running off into our water supply.

The County Council member has initiated an important piece of legislation (The Maui News, Dec. 7) and all of the people of Maui stand to benefit if this legislation is passed.

Those against this will surely make a stand and we must be vigilant to support this legislation right from the get-go. If you care, attend the meetings, send a message to the council and support this legislation in whatever way you can.

As people continue to learn the truth about the cumulative toxic load that we have been exposed to without our knowledge, it becomes even more important to understand the use of pesticides, the content of genetically modified organisms in our food supply and to send a message that we care.

Brad Salter