Legislature has its priorities clouded in smoke

The Legislature is already blowing smoke. Last time it opened, members started with wanting cameras on all the traffic lights to catch the red-light runners. Now they are working on the marijuana issue again like it’s top priority over all else.

Like this is so important.

I guess the proceeds from the marijuana get to be shared by all who support this. I sure don’t want my grandkids smoking this stuff because the medical profession has already said that it is not healthy.

Like same-sex marriages mean equal rights, words are manipulated to qualify the legality of this drug. Call a spade a spade. Drugs used over a period of time create drug addicts.

But, legislatively speaking, it doesn’t do that. Lawmakers know better than doctors. It pays off over time too. It helps to get votes too.

What about the voting community? Is this what we want?

Let’s get rid of the clowns who keep working on laws which are mostly favors to the devil and force us to accept it whether we like it or not.

How much further does this have to go before Hawaii goes back to being a government by, for and of the people?

Henry P. Kahula Jr.