Letter a reminder of what is really important

I would like to call attention to a Dec. 29 letter titled “Live aloha on Maui, the most beautiful of places,” as it is a letter of both celebration and possibly farewell.

The letter does not criticize locals, newcomers, cartoons or other political views, nor does it complain about the hardships that we all must face throughout our lifetime. It very pointedly reminds us of why we are here and to embrace it while we have the mental and or physical capacity to do so. It is both sad and happy at the same time.

I could not read it with a dry eye, and am very grateful to the writer for that very privilege.

This letter should be read to the dearest among us as a reminder of what is really important in life and what we have here on Maui that keeps us grounded.

To the writer I offer my sincerest mahalo and aloha with all my heart.

Roy Ayala