Letter citing hypocrisy is itself hypocritical

In regard to a Jan. 22 letter, one couldn’t agree more: Hypocrisy is rampant. The letter writer himself demonstrates that well.

The Maui News time and again has displayed fairness in presenting liberal and conservative views.

Alas, two vermin one can never satisfy unless in lock step – namely the extreme left and the radical right, dictated by their blind allegiance to that infallible doctrine/ideology, the one that demands that the facts fit the preconceptions – will strike ad nauseam.

Let’s exemplify: Although the facts are not in yet, while one toddler will call the New Jersey traffic jam Trafficgate (as in Watergate), the other only sees traffic cones placed on a couple of lanes. Now the latest scandal.

“The moral compass” the writer is referring to seems to be out of order (his).

Partisanship first and foremost.

It is said that in individuals insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, cults, etc., it is the rule.

Alain Mei