New program to maintain Maui roadways applauded

Congrats to the current Department of Public Works for implementing a new program to properly maintain Maui’s roadways. This includes sealing of cracks and seal-coating of streets to minimize the penetration of water into the asphalt base.

Although it’s been more than a dozen years since I first lamented the lack of such a program on this page, I am ecstatic that the current administration acknowledges the need to provide and preserve our roads and how such a program will actually save taxpayers tens of millions of dollars over a relatively short period of time.

While such programs have been commonplace on the Mainland for more than 50 years, on Maui we may have the most to gain. Without freezing weather, a properly constructed roadway (with curbs and sewers) will last for more than half a century with routine scheduled maintenance of street cleaning, crack sealing and seal-coating.

Such maintenance enables an eventual simple (i.e., cheap) asphalt overlay rather than a complete (i.e., expensive) roadbed replacement. Meanwhile, the road looks good, potholes are rare and tire and suspension wear on our vehicles is minimal.

It’s one of the amazing stories where everyone wins and we save lots of money. Go Public Works.

Bruce Erfer