No-kill a proven effective way of animal control

A fond aloha to my many friends, both human and animal. By the end of this month I will have left Maui for a new adventure in South America. But before going, I wanted to ask the community to support some great groups that are working hard to bring a no-kill solution to animal population control on Maui.

There are HARF, SPCA Maui, 9th Life, Maui Animal Solutions, Save An Animal, Feline Foundation, Feral Cats Maui, Valley Isle Animal Rescue, Pitbull Rescue and so many others saving the animals on Maui

And while the Maui Humane Society has not been listed, it is only because the chief executive officer and board are so resistant to embracing a no-kill philosophy. Please do not take that to mean their employees are not kind and caring people. It is the leadership that must change with the times.

No-kill is a proven effective way of animal control with 90-plus percent save rates. Our shelter ranks at a 63-plus percent kill rate. And there is no way 63 percent of animals going to the Maui Humane Society are sick, unhealthy, untreatable or have behavioral issues.

It is time for no-kill groups and the public to unite and demand from our politicians and our community a new way of dealing with our animal population. Let us continue to keep what’s really important at the forefront – saving more animals.

May 2014 be the year of the animals on Maui.

Lorraine Askam