Oahu should first max out its own energy sources

Why doesn’t Oahu just convert to more solar and wind? I thought the Big Island was against geothermal for cultural reasons. Is this now an end run around Big Island wishes? Overpower the Big Island with extensive Oahu Legislature votes to ramrod a geothermal plant on the Big Island?

Seems like the Public Utilities Commission needs to start with getting approval from the Big Island then come to Maui to discuss, not start with Maui. It needs to get approvals from the Big Island before coming to Maui, and Maui and Oahu have no right to approve uses on the Big Island.

But, before any of this, Oahu needs to max out its use of solar (hot water and photovoltaic) and wind on all its buildings and new construction before it goes asking other islands to support its ill-planned and unsustainable lifestyles.

Maria N. Isotov