Patient experienced the best of medical care

I just wanted to say how amazing all the caretakers were during my recent emergency and surgery at Maui Memorial Medical Center.

I had to call 911 on Dec. 15. The firemen, paramedics and ambulance attendants were all so nice and kind. They arrived and responded very quickly. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

The emergency nurse and doctor were also great. They did all the tests quickly and with as much ease as could be, and I had a diagnosis and was admitted for gallstones and gallbladder surgery.

The surgeons were so amazing. They explained everything – both Dr. Rory O’Connor and Dr. Beth Jarrett could not have been better.

My nurses were there within a moment’s notice and, again, I have never had better care anywhere. I am so happy to say that I can highly recommend that if you have to sick on Maui you will have the best of care and do not have to be worried in any way.

Mahalo to all who helped and cared for me during my stay at Maui Memorial.

Carla Wertman