Personal information should not be given to golf course

Warning golfers: If you are providing the first four pages of your Hawaii state tax return for proof of residency to receive the discounted greens fees at Waiehu Golf Course, you are setting yourself, your tax preparer and his or her clients up for identification theft.

The first four pages reveal your Social Security number, your address, sources of income and all a person’s private financial information.

If that isn’t bad enough it gives the name of the tax preparer, his or her private identification number and federal E.I. number.

If someone would get into the files of the county course they could get bank account and routing numbers if you have a refund or payment made electronically.

However, golfers can go to the state tax office and get a tax clearance. It takes about seven to 10 days and is much safer.

I feel that the county should have to change its proof of residence requirement and destroy all personal information in its computer. What do you think?

Better safe than sorry.

Ed Adair