Pot won’t supplant alcohol; it’s simply an add-on

Kudos for bucking the trend and pointing to studies that marijuana affects intelligence (Today’s Editorial, Jan. 21). The science is just catching up to public knowledge – we all know what a pothead is.

President Barack Obama does us a disservice justifying it by comparing it to alcohol. The hope that it will supplant alcohol is misguided, it will simply be added atop alcohol. We have the experience of the 1960s to confirm that.

But there’s a facet of pot seldom addressed. It is more insidious than alcohol. Show up to work drunk and you’ll get sent home. Show up to work (or class) wasted and it may not be noticed but you’ll perform miserably and fail, losing out long term.

It may be harmless enough at adult parties, but it can be a major social problem if prevalent.

Bob Sine