Prejudice passed from one generation to the next

Aloha, welcome to 808, the hate state. Now that you’re here you can go home, grown here not flown here, blah, blah, blah.

These are bumper stickers I saw when I moved to Maui in 1987. Since then, things haven’t really changed. The next generation is learning the same prejudice. It’s sad because when one feels that way it takes away from their happiness.

I have done nothing to harm anyone. In fact, I had an idea that I could help change that feeling. I started donating blood to the Hawaii Blood Bank. I have given 7-plus gallons of blood and I’m considered a “Super Donor.” I have given thousands of pounds of produce from my farm to the Maui Food Bank and bought more than 20 turkeys for Thanksgiving dinners.

I’m told to respect everybody else but I get no respect? I’ll pray for people’s happiness and continue giving.

Peter Sisco