Proposed bill shows love for the land and people

The Maui News continues to bash the the much-needed bill proposed by Council Member Elle Cochran concerning the use of pesticides and genetically modified organisms. Not once has The Maui News mentioned the facts of farming, the health of the soil, the air, the water and whatever comes in contact with the farm or lives nearby and those who will eat the resulting produce.

I have been organically farming on Maui since 1974 and never once had to use pesticides, herbicides, GMOs or the like.

My soil is alive with microorganisms and everything else it needs to grow healthy, nutritious, delicious plants that feed hundreds of Maui residents every week.

This bill makes farmers be responsible for their choice of farming methods. Farmers have a choice – they can either rape the soil and dirty the environment along the way for their profit, or build healthy soil that will be better than the way they found it for the next generation of farmer to make a profit.

This bill will hold farmers responsible for their choices, sorry if it “shows no love for farmers” (The Chamber View, Jan. 25). This bill does show love for this land, air, water and the people of this county.

Thanks to Elle Cochran for protecting the people who voted her to position. In other words: Thank you, Elle, for doing your job.

Deborah Lynn May