Question of safety not limited to the White House

A Jan. 22 letter titled “Hypocrisy permeates editorial praising Clinton” opens up the more pressing issue of safety in today’s society. Consider that if a young White House intern, in the most secure facility in this country, can be scandalized, can anywhere be really considered safe?

Recently, it has become more commonplace to see a political figure claiming innocence or apologizing for any number of indiscretions on the news.

Our toddlers are not safe in day care. Our children are not safe in their schools. Teachers and coaches, both in high school and college, have been brought up on charges for various alleged indiscretions or improper relations with students. Colleges, in this economy, are charging students for services that do not exist.

If that were not bad enough, sadly, the ability to provide a safe environment for our children in church (not all, but even one is too much) has been in question by the news media for some time now, an issue that we are all very, very uncomfortable with.

So, if people have lost sleep due to Bill Clinton’s term misgivings between 1993 and 2001, hold on to your hats, take a pill, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Roy Ayala