State’s response to threat of fire ants alarming

I read with alarm the presence of fire ants in hapuu material sold on Maui (The Maui News, Jan. 1). Almost as alarming is one of the state Department of Agriculture’s responses: “The names of the stores and the shipping company were withheld by the department.” Are you kidding me? Exactly how does this help contain the spread of the vicious pest?

I just came back from working in Texas, and fire ants build low mounds. Step on one (an infestation can easily result in dozens of mounds per acre) and your foot will be covered by dozens of ants that will sting you before you realize it and can react to them. The result will be many stinging, itchy, puss-filled blisters.

Fire ants are a huge menace and the Department of Agriculture should be doing all it can to contain the threat instead of abetting it.

Michael Jackson