Use of vests for cleanup crews must be enforced

I would like to inform the public that I stand corrected by the Department of Transportation that it does provide safety apparel vests along with clean-a-highway T-shirts. A Maui DOT colleague informed me of it.

That’s great to hear. Not sure about Oahu. However, if the state is issuing the vests with the shirts, then why are organizations not providing them to the cleanup crews? And what are they doing with the vests? The state needs to hold these organizations fully liable and enforce the use of the safety orange vest.

I don’t expect the DOT to inspect them on weekends. Have a local number for the public to call if people observe highway cleanup organizations not wearing orange vests. It’s a state program and the law, people. Do not call in while driving. Pull over and call in the location.

I’d like to mention one more thing: I did speak to my Maui DOT colleague and suggested he look into purchasing orange shirts with 2-inch retroreflective stripes. This can eliminate the cost of both the vests and shirts. I also suggested that it would be best to have a two-tone shirt, such as lime yellow/green with orange. That way it’s good for all weather conditions.

Safety first through behavior.

SeaRay Beltran