Valuable lesson may be learned by watching Kauai

Our County Council will soon debate pesticide and genetically modified organism legislation. We should focus on Kauai and see what happens there first.

On Jan. 10, three of the world’s largest agrochemical companies filed a lawsuit against the County of Kauai because of ordinance 960, which would establish buffer zones around sensitive areas such as schools and hospitals and mandates disclosure of pesticide use.

Syngenta, DuPont and Dow Chemical filed the lawsuit in federal court on Oahu. It is obvious these companies couldn’t care less whom they trample over, even our keiki are not spared. To these bullying companies Hawaii’s residents are simply collateral damage.

Our concerns are only in the way of their selfish pursuits, which we already know is corporate profit. It will be valuable to see how Kauai defends its position.

Chayne Marten