Visitor is grateful for top-notch care at MMMC

Over the holidays, I was a visitor to your wonderful island. During my visit, I contracted appendicitis and had to visit the Maui Memorial Medical Center to have my appendix removed.

I am extremely pleased by the care I received at your fine hospital.

My surgeon, Dr. Beth Jarrett, was personable and professional throughout my stay. The entire MMMC nursing staff was extremely attentive to my care and kept my spirits high with their humor and smiles.

Overall, the care I received at MMMC was top-notch compared to anything I have experienced back home on the Mainland.

How fortunate the people of Maui are to have such a facility with a staff of nurses and doctors who really care.

Although spending New Year’s Eve in the hospital may not have been on my travel itinerary, I consider myself lucky to have received such fine care at a quality hospital like Maui Memorial Medical Center.

Erik Maki

Modesto, Calif.