Based on its history, no reason to trust company

The Community & Government Affairs manager for Monsanto on Maui has given us her opinion (Letters, Feb. 10) – more or less as if it were God’s truth – that what the company does in agriculture and the use of biologically altered seeds is good for us in many ways.

I’m not going to argue about the seeds and the food from them, but I can say without any doubt that a study of Monsanto’s history worldwide gives me no reason whatever to trust their word. I mean, the letter writer works for Monsanto, what do we expect her to say?

Think, folks, how many times in our lives have we heard such talk from international business interests that have stuff to sell? Anybody remember how cigarettes were good for us? How many drugs sold as guaranteed lifesaving concoctions killed people and have had to be removed from the market?

Monsanto, along with many poisons, is in the business of selling seeds. Other than diverting more cash into its pockets, exactly why would we switch from what Mother Nature has done reliably for thousands of years?

Pippo Schillaci