Circuit breaker property tax requirements far too onerous

I have been examining the current circuit breaker application requirements which seemingly are designed to be as confusing as possible for those elders wishing to apply for property tax relief.

I once worked in the aerospace industry and, applying for the necessary “secret security clearance” from the United States government was less onerous.

One cannot but wonder: Why does the Maui County Council really feel that the majority of Maui’s kupuna are crooks? What possibly was the motivation for the excessive complexity and unreasonable application requirements?

I find their actions insulting and needlessly complex and, frankly, just plain mean.

There will be many kupuna this year who will be unable to qualify for the property tax reduction due to the almost incomprehensible complexity of the new application form.

Who is to blame for this?

You can look to the current Maui County Council, and remember them come election time.

Nancy Lee Fisher