Claims on recycling costs don’t add up

I would like to say mahalo to the Maui Disposal Co. general manager (Letters, Feb. 3) for answering my letter to the editor in The Maui News so quickly.

I still have some problems on the subject that he answered.

I also forgot to add that the Olowalu recycling center closes at 2:30 p.m. daily while the Lahainaluna one was open till 4:45 p.m. I went to the Napili recycling center and it is open till 4 p.m., so that helps somewhat.

Now, the problem with closing the Lahainaluna site was cost, and people were told to go to Napili or Olowalu. If you go to Napili, the container takes aluminum, newspaper, plastic and cardboard all in one container. At Lahainaluna, glass, newspaper, aluminum, plastic and cardboard were separated into different containers. So now workers or machines are used to separate the materials. This should cost more.

Let’s look at costs of fuel and driving time. If the same amount of recycling is done at Napili that was done at Lahainaluna, then at least four loads of containers would have to driven from Napili. This is a 16-mile round trip from Lahainaluna Road so it would be costing more in fuel and employee time to get the same job done from Lahainaluna.

So how is the company saving money and not costing the people that use its service more?

Steven B. Ashfield