Cyclist sees good and bad in repavement projects

Let’s talk about roads. Cycling more than 5,000 miles in 2013, it was a pleasure to watch the excellent repavement job from Kaanapali to Maalaea. It was done at night with little traffic impediments. The result was a beautiful road inviting to cyclists.

On the other hand, the mile and a half from Maalaea north is not only a mess, it is rough, loud and dangerous. Loose gravel and an uneven surface on a road that was fine the way it was. It is in the third month and still not finished.

The idiot who engineered this job must be the same one who extended the curbs into the bike lanes at Shaw and Dickenson streets and Lahainaluna Road in Lahaina, forcing cyclists into traffic lanes. Accidents waiting to happen.

Thanks to all considerate drivers as I obey all rules of the road. When you give respect to drivers you get it back.

David M. Dahlby