Door is open for change to a no-kill philosophy

With the departure of the chief executive officer at the Maui Humane Society (The Maui News, Feb. 22) there is a real opportunity to start anew and embrace 21st-century animal control methods.

Instead of keeping the same mentality where euthanizing more than 65 percent of animals brought in year after year is OK, embrace the no-kill philosophy accepted by hundreds of cities across the country including Reno, Nev., San Francisco, Seattle, etc.

Maui can do this, too, but it needs people in place – like a CEO and board of directors – who truly embrace this philosophy.

If the MHS board of directors truly wants to help more animals, and do what is right and expected of a shelter, it will hire someone with this mindset, utilizing the great people we have here on Maui already working for this such as those at SPCA and HARF.

It is past time we take responsibility for what happens around us and become a humane society.

Pam Wolf