Failure to protect churches will not be forgotten

Lawmakers passed Senate Bill 1, for same-sex marriage, during the special session of our legislators just a few months ago.

Senate Bill 1 was flawed and lacked protections for churches, teachers and schools, along with the many businesses that cater to this industry.

Then it moved to the House, where more than 20 amendments were proposed. One by one they were all rejected.

Lawmakers led us to believe they would revisit this controversial legislation during the regular session by introducing bills that would restore protections lost by Senate Bill 1. Then came House Bill 1624, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This bill was introduced to the House to strengthen and restore religious liberties.

Our House of Representatives just voted on this bill, the opposition prevailed. Unfortunately, the majority of our legislators failed to protect churches.

All people of faith should know who stood up for them and who didn’t.

Now comes the good news: This is an election year. We have not forgotten Act 55, Senate Bill 1 and now HB 1624. I would call that three strikes.

Chayne Marten