Fix needed to quicken community plan updates

I can relate to a Feb. 1 and Feb. 6 writer’s frustrations with the updating, implementation and enforcement of community plans and the role of the Land Use Committee. I’ve been waiting for the West Maui community plan update for quite a while, and South Maui and the other districts will have a longer wait than West Maui.

While we wait, more and more developments are being approved, which isn’t necessarily bad, but isn’t the purpose of these plans to be the principal tool we use when evaluating projects and their impacts?

Having five or six different planning directors in the past 20 years could also be a contributing factor to these issues. Perhaps we should look into a County Charter amendment allowing for a professional managing director to be hired (instead of appointed) that doesn’t change with each administration – like how the personnel director is chosen – so there can be some measure of continuity and accountability as we transition from administrations.

As for the Land Use Committee facilitating development, we really need to see and impose the results of traffic and development impact fees ASAP so new developments can pay their fair share for infrastructure needed to support the addition of new projects. I’d like to know what the items on the Planning Department’s laundry list are. I’d also like to see more effective processes and transparency for community collaboration in regard to the General Plan updates and implementation.

Tamara Paltin