Future of agriculture on Maui being put at risk

Is Maui trying to re-create the Salem Witch Trials? Or just plain McCarthy-era kangaroo courts? Or is it just plain mass hysteria Maui style?

In this country we are presumed innocent until proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are guilty.

Fellow citizens, we are playing with the economic well-being of our agriculture-based economy. We are toying with the lives of hundreds of our citizens and our farm and related industry members’ futures, and that of our entire island is at stake.

I grow hundreds of organic avocados and papayas every year at my Upcountry farm.

Nevertheless, as a trained engineer with an MBA, I know enough that without conclusive proven facts that hearsay evidence that is uncollaborated and not recognized by our proven professionals is just plain nonsense.

If we are intent on indicting genetically modified organisms then we had better have irrefutable scientific evidence. What should we do? Direct and engage federal and state agencies to do their job. Then, when the facts are in, make decisions accordingly.

Until then, let’s be very careful about what we believe and what facts we tell others. We all deserve the truth backed up by proven facts. I am withholding my judgments till then.

Ray Phillips