Get rid of corrupt politicians instead of e-cigs

I can’t believe the county is now going after e-cigs. They helped me quit after more than 30 years of smoking.

What they don’t tell people is that you can order fruit flavors without nicotine. I did. This is a proved way to help people stop cigarettes.

Why not focus all the hatred on corrupt politicians instead? We have enough of them on Maui alone. It would keep people busy forever. Or child molesters. Can’t people find more hate in them than they show now for e-cigs? Face it, people look and sound ridiculous.

Fruit-flavored water vapor isn’t even in the same ballpark. I won’t believe a county worker’s findings until it’s backed up by the Food and Drug Administration. And, as far as I know, a tube emitting fruit-flavored water vapor isn’t going to kill anyone. Granted, if there is something in the flavors, then it is what it is. But I am hoping there isn’t so more people can quit smoking cigarettes, using these as I did.

And finally, I will say this – mind your own business.

In support of e-cigs and hoping those who do will stand up, too.

Helen Alipio