Investor can’t get anyone to answer the phone

I am a real estate investor from the Mainland and I recently purchased a property on Maui for the first time.

I did not bring any tools or personnel with me to work on the property, so I had to rely on the local workforce. I was horrified to find that I could not get anyone to answer the phone much less return a phone call. This includes not only the trades but real estate agents and even utility companies. (I made dozens of calls in total.)

It was a real bizarre experience because businesses are fighting one another for work on the Mainland yet they won’t even answer the phone on Maui.

I understand that this is Maui and people would rather be at the beach than working, but this is ridiculous.

If I ever invest in Maui again, I will have to bring my crews from the Mainland. It’s sad but I will have no choice.

This is unquestionably why large companies will not invest in Hawaii, they simply could not function. I hate to sound gloomy but hopefully this story will open some eyes.

Dan Kerr