Lahaina bypass is a speed trap and best avoided

I decided to try the Lahaina bypass again recently. I’ve used it about a half-dozen times. But this night was an eye-opener for me.

As I got on at Hokiokio Street, about a quarter-mile ahead of me I saw two police cars with lights flashing. They had a car pulled over and were giving the driver a citation. I thought to myself that this is the third time I have seen that here on the bypass and I’ve only been on it six times.

I tried to keep my speed 30 miles an hour, even though it is a long, empty, straight highway that has a speed limit lower than the highway.

As I approached the north end, I saw two more police cars with another car pulled over and a cop with a radar gun.

As I passed by them, it hit me. This was an expensive project. Perhaps Maui County now wants to earn some money back by ticketing the locals. We are the only ones who use this road, and that just seems wrong. We get some traffic relief but it has a dark side.

Why would the Maui Police Department put four police cars on the bypass? Aren’t there more important things to do? I haven’t read of numerous accidents on the bypass due to speeding. I haven’t read about one.

It just points out that the Lahaina bypass is a speed trap. Don’t go there.

Robert Applegate