Landscaping along highway can be fixed

A Jan. 25 letter writer asked us to address the landscaping on Mokulele Highway. So here goes. We’ve all heard complaining about this problem and I agree that it is an embarrassment.

When the project was being done, officials said it was going to be a beautiful first impression to Maui. It’s not.

Placing blame and finding out who is responsible doesn’t solve anything. Some things in life can’t be fixed; others are fixable. This landscaping issue is fixable. I don’t care who’s responsible or how much was spent. Bad choices were made and we all do that from time to time, but we usually learn from our mistakes.

So, I say fix the unsightly problem instead of just mowing down the weeds. Plant rows of bougainvilleas, which are colorful, drought-tolerant flowering shrubs, on both sides, or at least down the middle of Mokulele Highway. Bougainvilleas are not native Hawaiian, but the native Hawaiian plants are not colorful and did not work after much labor and time were spent on whatever was planted. Colorful bougainvilleas grow all over the island with little care, and at least we would see beautiful color.

The landscape along the road to Lahaina is beautiful, and so is Piikea Avenue in Kihei where the roundabout was put in.

There is no reason Mokulele can’t be fixed and look as good or better with more color.

Do something to make it better, please, it’s what the public wants.

Marilyn Steinmetz