Lawsuit filed by pastor and his wife unwarranted

A Feb. 7 Maui News article regarding a pastor and his wife who filed a lawsuit against Maui County for what they claim to be a violation of their First Amendment rights and for being traumatized seems rather disingenuous.

Clearly the purpose for being at the fair in the first place was to ride on the backs of others to try and reach as many people as possible to distribute their special brand of religious material. Which brings to question why they chose not to purchase a space at the fair providing them with a higher volume of people to peddle to and perhaps increase their church membership, which could possibly have been the underlying factor for being there.

What I see from this frivolous lawsuit is a pastor and his wife taking advantage of this event and its coordinators and the many businesses and participants who purchased the space and right to be there.

I’m sure the pastor is just fine and content with his church’s tax-exempt status but now he wants to get another free pass and hopes for a cash windfall under the guise of free speech. That doesn’t seem very religiouslike to me.

James O. Kuloloio