Maui people deserve final say in naming of school

Naming Paia’s post office in honor of Patsy Takemoto Mink was a no-brainer. Naming the future high school in Kihei after her simply will not fly.

Patsy’s roots were deep in Paia, where she was born and raised and educated.

She went on to do great things, not the least of which was her successful fight for fairness and equality in the passage of Title IX, during her long career in Congress.

Patsy was also all about the value of education, so it would seem very appropriate and logical to name the library of the new Kihei school in her honor.

It is very irritating to me to see that Oahu-centric body, our state Legislature, involving itself in a matter of local concern. The people of Maui, through our locally elected representatives, should have the final say in the naming of Kihei’s new high school.

Julianne Perry Lee