Mayor’s a good guy, but rein in all that spending

Election time is on the pali heading to the central side.

And this is nothing against Alan Arakawa, one of the nicest guys in town, however what has the Arakawa administration given the county? A scarcity of insight from rehabilitation and demolishing (Wailuku Post Office) debacle. Will this cost a jajillion dollars to build a structure on now barren property? And will the kabillion dollars spent on purchasing land for a bypass road that is a state function and also for a park which will also cost a few gabillion dollars to develop.

And placing the parks director on leave with pay, will the Maui Police Department or Homeland Security conduct an investigation on his action for playing golf with a county employee on our time and dime? Parks director should have been asked to resign for gross ineptitude. This management action cost us thousands which could have been saved had the director been fired. The county is not rich enough to spend money in no apparent order.

Hey, several grand could buy me a food truck and I’d give the mayor an extra scoop rice and a Chow Fun Truck T-shirt. No, Alan is a good man, but I’m just sayin’ yo.

Ron Sambrano