Money is the god for greedy, arrogant company

If Monsanto is so proud of its genetically modified organisms, why wouldn’t it consent to labeling?

I hope that the public sees that corporations like Monsanto don’t care about our health, the health of our children or our environment. Money is their god, and having a monopoly on the world seed bank is their goal.

When a company succumbs to greed and arrogance, in this case denaturing the natural evolution of our seeds and poisoning the aina in the process, as inhabitants of these beautiful islands we should not roll over to this form of bullying. Let the company practice its deviations in its own backyards. Do you think they would allow their own children to suck up their chemical drifts?

No to “In Monsanto We Trust”; yes to “In God We Trust.”

Elinor Meadows