New methodology: Replace science with propaganda

Regarding the crop disclosure initiative (The Maui News, Feb. 22):

Interesting to note that the assumed experts, with various job titles, always mention they are not utilizing their job titles in supporting their anti-genetically modified organism pesticide efforts. Is this because they are ignoring the volumes of published scientific evidence on the subject? The initiative appears to replace valid peer-reviewed scientific evidence with propaganda.

The qualifications of most anti-GMO pesticide supporters is like me being an authority on football coaching strategy because I watch the game.

This must be the new methodology in developing or analyzing the safety of new drugs, foods, etc. – propaganda versus science. It worked for Al Gore, so why not GMOs? We can do away with the Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. No need to utilize scientific research and time-consuming peer-reviewed studies. According to the anti-GMO people, propaganda is a more valid form of research.

Website propaganda, which is rarely questioned, is the new replacement for scientific studies. We can save millions in education by eliminating science departments, teachers, science books, laboratories, etc. Wonder if the Department of Education is aware of this potential savings.

Don Gerbig