Parks’ condition reflects department’s leadership

The article concerning Parks Director Glenna Correa (The Maui News, Feb. 12) being on paid administrative leave for possible abuse of golf course privileges, low morale among park employees and poor management is not surprising.

The two parks I spend time at in my retirement (Hookipa and Kanaha beach parks) are a reflection of Mr. Correa’s stewardship of the parks. Native plants are ignored, volunteer efforts are not supported by the parks administration, a year-round youth volleyball program at Kanaha may be relocating to private land because of the parks department’s uncooperative attitude, fishermen being harassed a year ago by county employees, etc.

I have spent between 25 and 30 hours a week between the two parks for the last 17 years. Not once have I encountered people in the upper levels in the parks department coming down and taking a tour of the parks to see how things are going, or talking to the people who use the park and finding out how to make things better. The parking situation at Hookipa is a good example.

The buck stops at the top and this time it happens to be Mr. Correa who seems to like to golf during company time rather than attend to our parks. Time for a change as things would have a hard time being worse.

Ron Lau