Persistence needed to improve lives of animals

I empathize with Feb. 20 letter writer about animal welfare laws.

As I walk my dogs through my neighborhood, I too encounter the ones tied up or caged 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – barely obeying the Maui County Code or Hawaii Revised Statutes minimal laws. Legal but not moral.

“What does it take for positive and moral laws for animals not to suffer be passed?”: It takes persistent and strong efforts.

A grass-roots effort by three residents began an effort to update and strengthen MCC Chapter 6.04, relating to animal control. From our first office visit to the Maui County Council until the mayor signed it into law late last year was more than three years.

Every January the state Legislature session has numerous bills in both chambers to improve the lives of animals, and it takes continuous efforts to monitor them and submit testimony on short notice via the legislative website ( Who has time to do that? Everyone does, if people really want to effect change. A few examples are companion bills SB 2026 and HB 2368, regarding killing dogs or cats for human consumption; and HB 2534 to help eliminate puppy mills.

Contact elected county and state representatives to advise them we want stronger, better laws for our animals, and that we want those laws enforced.

Write letters to the editor to make people aware and informed.

Mike Moran