Precautionary principle defies normal thinking

One of our good doctors, being a proponent of the precautionary principle, consistently questions genetically modified organism safety (The Maui News, Feb. 1) and now has added pesticide combinations to his agenda of “we just don’t know so we need more testing,” but conveniently avoids specifying what testing is needed.

The precautionary principle uses the theory that things must be proved safe before they can be accepted. Can anyone prove that anything is perfectly safe?

Do you think electricity would ever be approved under the precautionary principle? Maybe we should ban it until more testing is done.

The community and government affairs manager for Monsanto brought out an interesting statistical fact that three-fourths of pesticide exposure incidents occurred in the home or the yard, not on the farm.

Yet this ordinance keys only on agriculture, avoiding suburban pesticide usage, the exact opposite of what the statistics show.

A normal-thinking person might conclude that this bill is a little bit ridiculous.

Don R. Gerbig