Rising costs cause for recycling site closure

This is in response to a letter (Jan. 30) on the closing of the Lahaina recycling site.

The County of Maui for more than 10 years had been trying to find a site in Lahaina to open a recycling site.

As a service to the residents of Lahaina, Maui Disposal found a site and spent more than $20,000 in site improvements. However, due to the drop in the market price for plastic and glass and the lack of volume, we had been operating the site at a loss for over a year.

At this time, the county is trying to fund the operation of this site. The cost of hauling the boxes to Kahului, in addition to the baling and off-island freight cost, made it impossible to continue operating the site at a loss.

Our Napili HI-5 recycling site at the old Maui Land & Pineapple Co. offices has a single stream recycle box in addition to a glass recycle box. Also, the Olowalu Convenience Center will accept recyclable commodities from west side residents.

Roger Yamagata

General Manager

Maui Disposal Co.