Separation of church and state must be enforced

It is time that the Constitution is used to make sure separation of state is an item that all churches should adhere to in the United States.

Churches are always trying to tell our government and its citizens how to manage such issues as gay rights, abortion and marriage. If churches want to keep their system as is, they have that right and should remain separate.

They become involved in election politics and have a Christian minority actively in our election cycle.

Why can’t our government sanction gay rights, marriage and such utilizing those churches that allow such equality?

All churches currently pay no taxes to our government and enjoy tax-free status. Yet they try to impose their beliefs on all.

If a church should want to continue to push for its positions on issues like gay marriage, abortion and such, and be active in our elections, it should have its tax-exempt status taken away and become a taxpaying business.

Aren’t they interfering in governmental issues when there is mandated by our Constitution a separation of church and state?

Churches should be for their members and beliefs, not force them on all. If they continue to do so, there should be severe consequences.

Dennis Fitzpatrick