Stronger laws to protect animals are needed

I am an avid animal lover. I raised my children to respect all life and if an animal needs help to render it.

I have neighbors who adopted a puppy for their son when his sibling moved away. At first the puppy seemed to be loved. They took him on beach outings and he was out front joyously watching the boy play basketball nearly every night. They also went for nightly walks.

A couple of years have passed and it seems the boy is bored with his friend. The dog is always chained up in a pen in the back of the house. I never see him, but hear him barking whenever the boy plays basketball.

I reported it to the ASPCA, which said the family is doing nothing illegal, just immoral.

How very sad that this animal is isolated and no longer feeling any belonging. This very selfish family should give him away or turn him in to the shelter.

I would buy the lovely animal and get him a loving home but this family prefers being jailers and this poor dog has been sentenced to lifelong isolation.

I feel Maui needs much stronger animal laws. The shelter officer agreed this is absolutely the wrong way to keep any pet, but he sadly stated he could not help.

What does it take for positive and moral laws for animals to not suffer be passed? We need to all step forward and push for better animal laws.

Katie Velasquez