Company would welcome more space at Napili site

In response to a March 15 letter: The reason Maui Disposal has only one mixed recyclable 30-cubic-yard container at our Napili HI-5 redemption site is that the landlord limited the amount of space that could be rented for our operations. The leased area shank from 10,000 square feet to 2,000 square feet.

The one recycle bin at our Napili site is there for the Napili community’s benefit. If we were provided more space, we would gladly stage one container for each type of commodity. This would greatly reduce our cost to hand sort the mixed load and also provide more storage space.

If what the letter writer stated is true, that “Maui Disposal doesn’t want the community to recycle,” then we would have removed the existing bin when our space was decreased.

In addition, unlike any of the county-owned recycling sites, all of our recycling sites accept recyclable materials from businesses as well as residents, to increase the amount of recyclables that are removed from our landfill.

We encourage residents to continue to recycle, but here are limits to the services we can provide at no charge to the public. There is no upside to hauling one mixed load of commodities one hour to Kahului from Napili, where it is hand sorted and stored in separate bunkers, until there is enough separated material to make a 1,500-pound bale, which is again stored until there are 34 bales to fill one shipping container.

Roger Yamagata

General Manager

Maui Disposal Co. Inc.