Corrupt politicians enable Mainland oppressors

How in the world did Monsanto manage getting into Hawaii in the first place? I wonder who got paid off to approve it with no questions asked?

How many more people in politics are getting kickbacks to be corrupt and look the other way for these Mainland corporations?

There is completely no accountability for some of these puffed-up characters with titles in the community. Everybody is riding the gravy train and being hush-hush about it. Even some of these lawmakers are doing slick funneling of money all over the place in different bonds and accounts. They shouldn’t be exempt from being audited and punished like the rest of the working class.

Start standing for the people instead of trying to be a mule and sell out for the rich, outside Mainland oppressors.

Power to the people of Hawaii. Time to strike back.

Edward Hoapili Ka’ahui Jr.