Criticizing humane society creates no solutions

Regarding the Feb. 27 letter “Door is open for change to a no-kill philosophy”: Criticizing the Maui Humane Society does not create solutions. If all the anger out there was directed at finding placement for these animals then we would all be in a much better position.

Everyone from the very top to the very bottom at MHS loves and cares about the animals.

Does anyone really think the staff and volunteers are so callous that they wouldn’t prefer to send all these animals elsewhere? Let them know where they can be sent, who will care for them and who will fund the transfer and I bet they’d do it.

Of course, we’d all like no-kill if there was such a thing. But we all know that no-kill is actually limited admission.

While the other animal rescues on the island do wonderful work, I don’t see them taking all the animals in question off the hands of MHS. I don’t see them taking any more than they have room and money for. I’d like to see them try to make the decisions the Maui Humane Society has to on a day-to-day basis.

Working together, with community and individual participation providing foster homes, donations and spay/neuter of all pets is what’s needed to help save our homeless animals.

Donna Barnett