Divert defense spending to meet domestic needs

A March 18 Maui News editorial urged larger military spending to maintain world domination and a image of strength and dependability.

Military spending uses funds needed for domestic needs to keep America strong.

Forty-seven million Americans live below the poverty line, a growing number are unable to find any jobs and the middle class is shrinking. Well-paid jobs are disappearing and the middle class has shrunk. Only those with upper-level income are prospering.

Diverting Pentagon allocations to domestic needs would combat poverty, disease and ignorance. Americans need affordable housing, education, jobs and health care. The country needs city and transportation repairs. Developing renewable energy and high-speed Internet connections will strengthen our country. Planning changes to reverse climate change is critical.

Failing to support domestic needs really does invite disaster, for it weakens the country.

Defense Department cuts could be good for America.

Martha E. Martin