Do research before signing up for photovoltaic systems

I know that many are just realizing the great benefit of installing photovoltaic systems at their home. It does feel good to see one’s utility bill drop to almost nothing.

Many in the past could not afford the system due to upfront costs. However, with all the new incentives from the sellers, just about everyone can afford it.

There’s still issues with Maui Electric Co. approving an application.

On the other hand, those applying for a PV system, please take this into account: The PV company that will do your electrical usage calculation needs to really do a close study of your utility bills. Make sure to let them know that your power utility bills reflect your conservative side and not what you would really like to use. So, in other words, make sure to add more panels than what the company says you need. Here’s why: A PV system may make power from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. or a bit later during summer. Then you buy power later that day from MECO. If your PV system is underpowered for your home, you’ll be paying MECO for the extra power that you use. This could still cost you hundreds of dollars per month.

So, do your research first before signing any contract. PV systems could also help prolong your roof life by covering it from the sun.

SeaRay Beltran