Don’t have too look far to see justice gone mad

The March 15 “Today’s Editorial” was about a repeat criminal from Denver who carjacked multiple cars and injured several people. The editorial writer wondered how he was free to do these things with his criminal record.

The writer didn’t have to go to Denver for this example of justice gone mad. In the same paper, on Page A3 were two stories of men with knives threatening or injuring people right here in Lahaina. One had 22 prior felony convictions; God knows how many total arrests.

Again we can ask: Why are they free?

I have an idea. Let’s drop one off at each end of Kahoolawe with a machete and let them find each other. We can have hidden cameras and make it a real survivor TV show. We can even drop the guy from Denver in the middle of the island.

At least I hope these two get to share the same cell at Maui Community Correctional Center until the courts again release these wolves back out to prey on all us sheep.

Rod Pedersen