Efforts to recycle are not being accommodated

Just as I predicted a few weeks ago that the Napili recycling center, with one container for all recyclable material, would be overflowed, it was on March 12.

I came with a pickup truck full on my weekly run and had no place to put it. I called Maui Disposal and the person that answered the phone was nice enough to let me put my plastic that was in bags behind the dumpster.

The men working there got plastic bags to put my two 55-gallon cardboard containers into but I didn’t want to overburden them so I drove to Olowalu to empty those – a 20-mile trip round trip.

Seems as if Maui Disposal doesn’t want the community to recycle. Could be bottom-line reasons. More stuff going to the landfill only makes taxes go up.

On March 13 still no dumpster empty to take recycles at Napili.

Steven B. Ashfield